PAL to NTSC conversion on DVD2ONE

I recently purchased DVD2ONE program. It is very powerful program for fitting dual layer DVDs to DVD-R.
One feature that I thought would be very useful is to convert DVDs from PAL to NTSC format and vice versa.
I live in USA and have lots of DVDs in PAL format, it would be so nice to convert them to NTSC so that I could play them on any DVD player in USA.
Please consider this feature in future version of DVD2ONE, or maybe you can create totally separate program that would be capable of converting PAL dvds to NTSC and vice versa.
I think very many people would find this program very useful, and it would be very good seller on the market of DVD software. No such program currently exists, and that is why people would willingly buy it.

That won’t happen, to change it from pal to ntsc or visaversa would mean we had to re-clock/time the soundtracks.
Doing this means we have to implant a AC3/DTS/MP2 encoder with a timeshifter because the difference between the number of FPS.

Also the video needs to be retimed, a very impossible job to do right.

… plus, making this totally impossible, you’d have to resize vertically from 576 to 480 pixels. Impossible without completely re-encoding the movie.

PAL to NTSC with a one click solution is impossible.
If you want to convert them keep in mind that it will take you a lot of time and effort.

If it is impossible why can DVDEcho 2.7 software do it? Check out:

Because it’s scaling/stretching and re-encoding the video and DVD2one does NOT encode but compresses!

(but i seriously doubt the quality of that programm, studios spent lots of $$ on making a good pal/ntsc master yet this programm does it all within the blink of an eye?)

Why don’t you buy a dvd player which can play both PAL as well the NTSC. I have a daewoo which does that. Model # is 5700.


What if some of my friends want to borrow a movie on PAL, do all of them have to buy PAL dvd players? If I had NTSC dvd then it would not be a problem to watch on any DVD player.

I may show my ignorance here… :wink:
But doesn’t every DVD stand-alone play NTSC and PAL?
Coming from Europe I know of no player that is PAL-only. Shouldn’t those extensive lists at reflect this possible incompatibility if there was one?

You’re sure you’re not talking about Region Codes that prevent a RC2 (from Europe) to play in a US player which only accepts RC1?
If that’s the case, DVDDecrypter strips all RCEs out…

Edited to add:
After reading a few FAQs it really seems like there are actually NTSC-only players in the US… Tough luck, become European :slight_smile:
Maybe the real problem doesn’t lie in the player, but the TV set. Since the players don’t convert PAL <-> NTSC you still need a multiformat TV to actually watch the player’s output.
Again no problem AFAIK over here in Europe if your TV isn’t older than ~5 years.

I agree,

I have a relativly new television that plays Pal and NTSC formats. And a dirty cheap apex dvd player that plays both formats as well.

I was thinking about upgrading to the kiss 500 player which comes in two versions PAL and NTSC, anyone know if it has a problem playing US discs?