PAL to NTSC conversion & burning problems

Ok so I downloaded a DVD via “UTorrent”, problem is that it’s a PAL DVD. I am trying to convert to NTSC & still have a full functioning menu, special features, chapter selection, etc. Ihave burnt in PAL, but the DVD will not play in my DVD player or Playstation 3. The only way I can view the PAL DVD is with Nero Home, & it has all the full functioning menus that I want.

After converting to NTSC & burning, the DVD will play in my DVD player, Playstation 3, & Nero Home. However I do not get the full functioning Menus that I want. Instead when i play the DVD the main menu scene & pics do play, but thay just play right through, & instead of stoping & allowing me to choose a episode or chapter, the DVD plays right through to the first scene of the DVD. I have tried converting with multiple diffrent programs including Nero, DVDShrink, ImgBurn, & DVD Decripter, among others.

It is important to me to have a full functioning menu, as the person I am burning for isn’t very electronicaly inclined, & I am afraid without the menus he wil become quite confused trying to navigate the DVD.

If you have any advice that may help it would be greatly appriciated, as I have already wasted 10-20 DVDs & would like to avoid wasting any more if I could.

Thank you very much for your time.

Before performing a lot of work, simply try burning the image to DVD and test it in your various players. Most likely, at least one of them will play it.

Once converted to NTSC you shouldn’t have to burn it to see if it functions, usually just clicking on the VIDEO_TS.IFO will play it.

That said make some notes and try to duplicate the various chapters in Nero Vision’s menu.

You could try this hack on the original which sometimes works.

[QUOTE=Green J Smoker;2223128]Ok so I downloaded a DVD via “UTorrent”, problem is that it’s a PAL DVD.[/QUOTE]

Says it all.

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