PAL to NTSC - can it be done?

I am trying to backup a disc that is PAL, DVD9 Region=ALL. I used AnyDVD, then burned with DVDShrink with a Region 1 setting. It will not play on standalone DVD players (3 of them). What am I doing wrong? The ripped files play just fine on the computer, but the discs are coasters (I tried three times already). Any help please!!!

you did not do anything to change the format.

this has been addressed many times pretty recently.

the short answer: buy a multi-format dvd player since converting between formats is very time consuming and has a poor output if you use an automated program and is even more time consuming and impossibly complicated if you do it by hand.

that being said, do a search for “NTSC to PAL” or “PAL to NTSC” on this forum for more information.

dvdsanta is a program that might do an alright job…i’ve never tried it so i can’t vouch for it, but no one has really registered any hge complaints about it (haven’t heard any priase though either…)

Quite simply, Vobblanker is your friend. Once you have ripped the DVD to your hard drive, select folder where you saved them in vobblanker (the .ifo file should be highlighted by default). Right click on the .vob files in vobblanker, and select video stream. Then tick the appropriate button for what you want th eoutput to be: PAL or NTSC. Then make sure you select an output folder and process. Once done, burn the DVD with Shrink or Recode, as you would normally do, and voila!

this isn’t a very reliable method, but if it works then that’s awesome. you’re lucky. i’ve never gotten it to work correctly on my system.

I’ve only tried it once, on a Phil Collins Live in Berlin concert DVD (please, no laughter), and it worked like a charm. Granted, one success certainly doesn’t make for a reliable sample, but it’s still perfect for me :smiley:

This is another program that you might want to try, don’t know how well it works through.

:cool: :cool:

Both the IFOEDIT and DVDSANTA options created perfect copies, except NO SUBTITLES. It’s funny though, in bonus features, there are subtitles, but in the main movie, nada. Any suggestions with subtitles. The discs are useless without them, unless I learn a couple of new languages.

yes i use dvdshrink 3.2 you can set it to what you want region free or 1 or 2 if you set it to region free it will play on any dvd player also i would put it on hard drive first not use shrink burner use nero or whatever you have

what do you mean not use shrink’s burner? shrink doens’t have a burner so you don’t have much of a choice…

and if you set it to region free it will play on any region dvd player that support sthe format it is in. ie NTSC region free disc still won’t play on a PAL player…

He probably meant either DVDD or Nero from the options menu, but Nero should be avoided IMO.

Umm… define “perfect copies”. The IFOEDIT trick only works if your particular player can already do the PAL->NTSC in hardware but refuses to do so because of a regional or format limitation in the player. The number of players which support this? Roughly 50%, maybe less as time goes on.

The DVDSanta conversion will be… mediocre at best. Far from “perfect”.

Gurm, the copies were just like any other copy I’ve made of an NTSC disc. The only problem is the subtitles didn’t show up with either method, DVDSANTA nor IFOEDIT. They played in both of my players; a Toshiba that’s about 3 years old, and an old Pioneer, about 5 years old. They also played in my car’s DVD player. Any suggestions on the subtitles?

No, the problem is as follows.

With the header trick, the subtitles are still set to display off the bottom of the screen. Nothing to be done there unless you feel like ripping the subtitles, reencoding them, and re-adding them (pain in the ARSE).

With the DVD Santa conversion, the subtitles are simply lost. shrug

As for the copies being the “same”… watch CLOSELY on a slow pan. Note that the image seems to JUMP about once a second. Just a little. It’s where DVD Santa tries to “catch up” because PAL is 25fps and NTSC is 30fps.

Some people don’t notice it, but I guarantee you that your copy would drive me INSANE. Me and anyone else sensitive to jittery motion.

It can be done.
However with every program that does it there is always something amiss. I have tried numerous programs and here is what I came up with.
Deskshare(digital media converter) - Converts PAL to NTSC but is extremely slow and the resulting copy does not have audio and video in good sync.
DVDSanta - Converted PAL to NTSC in fairly good time. I found I could not fast forward at all beyond the first level. Audio and video not quite in sync.
VSO divxtoDVD - Converted PAL to NTSC with good picture quality and excellent audio and video sync. Only problem with them is the widescreen/fullscreen format being opposite to what was selected. I did hear that they have fixed that problem but I have not tried it yet. Somebody mentioned aspect ratio being the problem.
VOBBLANKER - Converted PAL to NTSC very well indeed. Produced very good quality of picture and audio/video sync. Played perfectly fine on my DVD player but would not play on my son’s DVD player or my neighbours. By the way when you right click you then select video attributes I believe.
None of the above mentioned programs provided conversion with menus.
Bottom line is- The perfect conversion of PAL to NTSC is virtually unobtainable unless one is prepared to pay big money. It certainly is possible to convert and create watchable DVD from PAL to NTSC, it all depends on what you are prepared to accept as good quality for you.

May I just add a little input to region free discs
There appears to be considerable confusion out there regarding what region free means on a disc. Reasonsnotrules touched on it with his post in this thread.
If you have a PALdisc that you copy and the region code is removed, it then becomes region free. It does not convert the format. It still will not play on any DVD player in the world because of the format. It is still a PAL disc with the same lines of resolution as before. The same thing applies in reverse from NTSC to PAL.
Many DVD players will play both NTSC and PAL discs but you have to have a multi system TV. The other alternative is to have a multi-region DVD player. Not a region free DVD player or code free DVD player as these only play code free DVD’s. Multi region DVD players have a built in converter.
Bottom line is. If you want to watch a PAL DVD in the USA you have to somehow convert it no matter what the region is.
Oh Boy hope I didn’t go on too long!!

Nope, made perfect sense to me and you saved me some typing. :smiley: Anyways @ the original post, do you have a bunch of fancy DVD Players? I know that all of the Coby DVD Players will play both PAL/NTSC format discs. If you happen to have an XBOX console (even unmodded) it will play PAL format discs as well. You might also want to look around as there are some hacking methods for certain DVD Players which allow them to play PAL format discs. As always though, make sure you back them up and rip the region coding out of them.