PAL to NTSC - Any Simple Freeware Available?


Have a few PAL format DVD’s that I would like to convert to the NTSC format-

Does anyone know of a simple freeware program that would allow me to do this?



Well I had to do this a few times but I just ripped the DVd to an AVI then transfomed it
back to NTSC DVD using Tmpeg Express.

Yes I know that’s not free but if you have any AVI to dvd programs you can do it that way.

You can do this with Ifoedit I’ve done it before and it’s worked for me, but i’ve read that it doesn’t work for all dvd players. You can also try Vobblanker Load the dvd in the program, right click on the vobs and change the video attribute to NTSC and then process. That might work too, though i’ve only used the ifoedit way.


Thanks for the suggestions-

Used VobBlanker - had it read the disc in the ‘Input Video Manager’ and sent it to a ‘MovieTemp’ folder on my HD as the ‘Output Folder’ - right clicked all the applicable files and changed attribute to ‘NTSC’ - and the ones that were ‘grayed out’ - selected the ‘skip’ function for that line-

Burned the ‘MovieTemp’ file back to disc using my InterVideo DVD Copy - but you could use any burning program that will finalize the disc (like DVDshrink)-

Worked great-eh!!

Thanks again for your help-


It worked great, but what about the motion ? Do you see jerkyness during pans and high motion ?


Nope - that’s why I said that it worked great-


Hmm I don’t see how that can be - were the original PAL films interlaced or progressive ? For interlaced footage I don’t see how you can get away with this and claim you can TRICK your DVD player and still maintain fluid motion…:smiley:

Overall, this procedure is not a simple task.

you could try with DVDSanta, even with svcd2dvd and also with AviSynth.


This may be due to the fact that I am playing back on a Panasonic s77 upconverter-

Anyway - it is a smooth playback-


I’ve had great success with Vobblanker. Never an issue, motion or otherwise, with a PAL —> NTSC conversion.