Pal to nstc /avi to dvd

hi, out there i have a two part problem #1 i got some info on pal to nstc, which icluded some programs one which had nero in it, i tried the nero 7 free try and it worked but it screwed up my computer. after the trial ran out i tried to remove it because i had a older free nero program. it gave me hell because the nero 7 would not let me use the other so i tried to remove all the nero programs to reinstall the frist now everytime i put in a dvd my power dvd will start up but a nero error shows up saying i needa fil advctr2.dll. even though i removed and tried clearing out all old files with a windows(safty. ) clean up.also because i do love my movies i still need to find programs that can convert pal to nstc and avi to dvd can someone out there help me i am not a computer wiz but i am willing to try and learn if you have any good programs free hopefully tell me where to start i have a trial version of convertx to dvd which seems to work with avi but it can’t help with converting pal to nstc. any help will be welcomed

Discussed many many times, please use SEARCH.

check pms…