Pal svcd + ntsc svcd, best way to convert the pal svcd to match the other one?

i have 2 svcd files, one is pal 25fps, the other ntsc 29.97…

for ntsc i can always use dvdlav, and everything works fine.

for pal i use nero and before burning i just choose to convert to ntsc.

the files are small, and i cant be bothered to burn each video in a separate dvd, so what would be the best way to “convert” the pal svcd to ntsc, so then i can author with dvdlab and burn.

thanks in advance.

The easyest way is to convert SVCD PALto SVCD NTSC with TMPGenc Plus 2.5 (but you need a registered version to be able to work with MPEG-2 files…).

Avoid Nero for the ‘converting’ part, use it onlt for do
NTSC MPEG-1 movie --> NTSC VCD
The only problem, in this case, is thet SVCD is VBR, not CBR, and you have to set it the encoding constant to have the same size of the final output’s mpeg-2 files… (use FitCD to find the correct bitrate to put?)


Would agree with aldaco12. Tmpgenc is the best for converting the file, but if you are converting bcoz your player supports only NTSC then this is the way to go, but if your player supports Pal then try the Multi-vts option in DVD Lab pro(trial available for 2 Weeks). This allows you to put Pal and Ntsc on the same disc(dont know whether it exists in DVD Lab). See the Help for further details.

Hope this helps.

I like The Film Machine. :slight_smile:

What other program can i use other than TMPGenc do this conversion flawlessly because that trial period is annoying.

Im converting from PAL to NTSC.


…and i used DVD-lab PRO to demux the (svcd) .mpg file.