Since I don’t know which forum this is pertaining to…here goes.
Does anyone know how to tell the difference from a PAL disc to a NTSC disc?
I have a movie that plays alright in my player (Apex ad1100w) but when my friend tries to play it in his player, its all in black and white. Is there a program that might let in on a little insight?

any retail dvd should be marked with the video standard that it’s encoded in. you should be able to find that info on the box, if not the disc itself.

Thats an NTSC disc. If its coming out in B&W, your mates TV can not handle an NTSC signal.
Thats assuming you live in the UK or any R2 country, I dunno what happens when trying to play a PAL disc on a NTSC system.

You could read some of the wonderful tutorials in this section (thanks ChickenMan :)).

It seems he has a RF modulator box which was reacting to the macrovision…But hey, thanks… :bow: