Please can any one tell me if copys of films i have made here in the UK playback ok in canada we use pal and they have ntsc or does this not make any difference to a DVD disc.
Thanks for any help. :smiley:

The formats still apply to DVDs, though most modern DVD players and TVs will play both if set up to do so.

If you rip a DVD disc eventually you may change the disc Region but the final recorded backup disc will retain its original TV colour system. If you rip a PAL disc and backup it with Clone DVD, for example, the final recorded disc will be in PAL. It will plays well on modern DVD stand alone players ONLY if the player is able to outptu a PAL/NTSC signal. The same applies for the TV set (signal inputs). Of course you can transcode the PAL TV signal to NTSC or vice versa). But you will need a software like ProCoder Express (check it at:


Thanks guys we have a family member going to stay in canada and wanted to take some of his DVDs with him but im unsure if theh would play. :confused: Thanks anyway.

In USA (and probably in Canada too) your family member will be able to buy a multi system (NTSC/PAL) stand alone DVD player. When visiting US, I bought a Pioneer DV-354, which according to the Use Manual can output only NTSC signals. However, for an unknown reason, the DV-354 outputs both: NTSC/PAL. Guess that slowly, the electronics manufacturers are realizing that their final consumers are also globalized, in another words, eventully a consumer will live in different countries with different TV systems and has to manage this situation with a multi system player.