This will probably be a stupid question to all you experts out there, but hey…
I’m in the uk and have recently started converting all my old videos onto DVD, with no problems. Included in my box of projects is an old family wedding video, which again I managed to convert to DVD without major disaster. However, I recently had an email from a family member who now lives in the US and wants a copy of this wedding video. Obviously this needs to be in NTSC format, not the UK standard PAL. I can use either sonic MY DVD, or ulead video studio and I’ve noticed that both have options to change the format to NTSC. So does that mean I just change to NTSC, import the mpeg file and burn a disc in the usual way? Or does the mpeg file actually have to be captured in the required output format??

Is the family member sure they can’t play PAL?

Many USA dvd players can play PAL with no problem.

She doesn’t seem to know, she’s a bit of a technophobe and can’t find the instruction manual for her DVD player to check. Possible it would play PAL, but NTSC would be a safer bet if it’s possible for me to do it.

Find the Brand and the Model of the unit and you can look it up here:

You can try copying the dvd to your HD and then using this method. Sometimes it doesn’t work depending on the player but it worked for me when converting a PAL dvd to NTSC.