PAL -> NTSC question again



I’m ripping my hair our here. I’ve read every single guide available concerning the conversion of PAL .avi’s to NTSC .avi’s (including those on this site) and am still facing problems. I’m sorry to bother you all with such a mundane, and probably over-asked question, but I want to see what I’m doing wrong.

Here are the programs I am using for converting avis.

  1. CCE 2.70
    2: GSpot
  2. AviSynth
  3. BeSweet Beta + GUI (to convert audio to NTSC)
  4. Sonic Audio Encoder (to convert WAV to AC3)
  5. DVD Lab Pro

Here are the steps I take:

Assuming the avi is a typical 25 fps, 16:9 asset, here is my AviSynth script:

AVISource("AVI NAME,false)

If the audio in the AVI is an MP3, I extract it to a 16bit 48000 WAV using Audio Converter Pro. This gives me a DVD quality WAV, but still at the PAL length.

I then load the WAV into BeSweet and do a WAV to WAV conversion with the Re-Encode PAL (25 FPS)–>NTSC (23.976) option ticked.

Then I take that WAV and load it into Sonic and encode an AC3 using 2-Channel Interleaved Input, Ratio 2/0, and Bitrate of 224.

If the Audio is already an AC3, I demux the AC3 using VirtualDubMod, load the demuxed AC3 into BeSweet, and do the above conversion only changing AC3 to AC3 (instead of WAV to WAV).

Then do the same transcoding process in Sonic.

Now, to the video.

I load my AviSynth script into CCE 2.70. I have the following options ticked in the program (per a guide I followed

Timecode Setting: 0=>01:00:00:00
Mode: Mpeg2 with the For DVD box ticked.
Elementary selected
V/C: 30
Multipass VBR selected
Pass: 1
Bitrate: Changes as per the Bitrate Calculator for the average bitrate. Minimum is 0, Maximum is 9,570
Pulldown: 2:3 box is ticked
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

So, I load my AviSynth script into that template, converting from PAL to NTSC.

I thought all would be well since I’m converting the audio to 23.976 as well as the video.

When I load the assets into DVD Lab Pro, I get no errors. I compile the VOBS, make an ISO, check it out on my computer (no problems) and then go to play it on my Set Top box.

The move runs fine for awhile, but then it starts to stutter and pause, like the disc is scratched. I noticed on my stereo (which has a Dolby decoder) that when the video pauses, it switches to PCM then back to Dolby.

Sometimes I get nothing but loud screeching sounds, distorted audio, or clipping on loud parts.

So, I deduced that maybe the problem is with my audio.

What am I doing wrong? How can I convert PAL audio to NTSC audio for both original MP3 audio or AC3 audio?

Am I screwing something up along the way?

I’m sorry for the redundant question, but you guys seem to be the most knowlegable encoders on the block and I could really use your help.

Thanks! :bow:


Try with TheFilmMachine.


I’ve heard The Film Machine isn’t that great and produces a lot of coasters. I’ve never tried it though.

Since I have CCE 2.70, I’m not sure I can use it anyway (being that the site states that it supports up to 2.67).

I may have figured out my script problem–however, this is turning into an AviSynth script topic and I don’t want to post in the wrong forum.

Anyway, this is my basic template for converting from PAL sourced AVI’s to NTSC AVI’s:

1)I strip the WAV from the AVI using Audio Convertor PRO (whether it’s MP3 or AC3). This gives my a 16 bit, 48000khz 2ch stero WAV.

video=AVISource(“H:\dvd files\Movie DVD Images\avi”,false)
audio=WAVSource(“H:\dvd files\Movie DVD Images\wav”)

I load this into CCE 2.70 with the FPS set at 25 in the program and the Audio option ticked with MPEG1 selected.

This creates (I’m assuming) a synched .mpa or .mp2 file. I then load this into Sonic and create a 224/kb AC3 as the audio.

I’ve tried it on a couple movies and it works well. Others, the audio is out of synch later in the movie…but I’m wondering if that’s the source material or if my script is just junk.

Am I entirely off with this script? I saw a bunch of scripts for AviSynth in the proper forum dealing with NTSC->PAL but those were for already created mpeg2’s or VOBS.


Ive always used canopus procoder…it won’t convert the ac3 to ac3…it goes to ac3 to .wav or 224kps mp3or mp2 or somethin like that.Its a pretty straightforward process but it can take a while.The results are excellent.I cant find a guide online but i just managed my way through it…took me about 4 or 5 passes to figure out the proper settings etc…SoftEncode is an old app that can convert your mp3 to ac3 but you have to find it online somewhere


I tried Canopus and it took 8 hours to convert a single asset and I didn’t notice any change in quality. In fact, CCE Multipass VBR 1 produced a higher framerate and better quality than Canopus…at least on my machine.

Well, I bit the bullet and tried ConvertXtoDVD. So far, this program has proved to be excellent. I’ve converted 3 movies in the time it would take me to do 1 with CCE. Plus, the quality is the same (I don’t have that great of a TV).

I think I’ll be using this from now on. Shame that my company shelled out the money for CCE but, hey, that’s what expense reports are for. Luckily it was Basic and not SP otherwise we’d have wasted $2000. :wink:

Besides, I think I need to learn a bit more about AviSynth before getting back into CCE. Right now, ConvertXtoDVD does what I need.

Thanks for everyone who tried to help!


:smiley: Maybe you can try this: WinAVI video converter.
It has a superb conversion engine, on my computer (P4 1.8G), converts a 15 min. mov to mpeg file (DVD sepc. 720*480) only need 9 minutes with a very stunning video and audio quality. I think there is no any other software can be better than this.
Check this,