Pal->NTSC problem with Chickenmans tutorial

Itried to follow ChickenMans guide where he says to edit the Avisynth Script to include lanczosresize(720,480) <-- change the 576 to 480
assumefps(23.976) <-- Include this line here

My problem is that where it says lanczosresize…it doesnt read (720,576), it reads (720,426) (or something of that nature, think it was 426 though).

Is this a PAL AVI your trying to convert to NTSC, or is it a DVD. If AVI, what is it original dimensions (GSPOT will tell you).

The avisynth script would have also had an AddBorders(0,75,0,75) line under the lanczosresize(720,426), was that so ?

Yes, that is correct. It was a PAL avi and it contained “AddBorders(0,75,0,75) line under the lanczosresize(720,426).”

Then the correct script should read


Thank you very much.

Hey ChickenMan, The encoded pulldown shows up at 29FPS NTSC in dvdlab…Should I encode the audio to 29 or 23 ntsc?

23.976 fps :slight_smile:

ChickenMan, is there a formula to figure out the conversion? B/c now I have a PAL avi, that wasn’t 426…I think it was more along the lines of 564. So I didn’t know what to change it to (as well as the addBorders line).

Check out AVIRES from

Great, thanks again.
Do you have trouble with syncing the audio after you convert Pal->NTSC? I change the framerate and everything, but It doesn’t always playback correctly. Too much of a hassle; I even tried a different method by converting the PAl AVI to an NTSC AVI first in Vdub and using besweetGUI to convert the audio but it (audio) is still off by 1-2 secs. I think its more hassle than its worth. Is there any other program out there besides DVD snata that converts and encodes with the click of a button? DVDSanta works great, but the qual is lacking.

Never ever have audio sync problems unless the original AVI is crap to start with.

Best all-in-one AVI converter is The FilmMachine, in my opinion.

Have you ever run into a problem with an avi, and no matter what you use to convert it, the audio is always out of sync? This has only happened to me with 2 PAL avi files. The actual avi plays fine, but after converting to dvd, it is always out of sync. Whether I use D2SRoBa, film machine, dvdsanta, etc.

Not in the last couple of years, no I havent. But then you can always have a read of to help fix the problem.