PAL/NTSC problem?, or player problem?



I did a backup of a movie (pal version) and send it to the USA.
the person told me it is not playing in his DVD player.(it is a old DVD player)

i get rid of regional coding?
what could be the problem??


Possibly because his hardware had difficulty playing back a PAL source. Or maybe if you chang the region code to 1 instead of 0 it’ll work. Or maybe it was just a bad burn (although I assume you probably checked it before you posted it). That’s all I can think of.


Unless you US friends dvd player is capable of playing PAL discs it won’t work!


Their TV also needs to be able to recognise a PAL signal. You said their DVD player is old, so I would say they aren’t going to be able to play PAL discs at all. After all the US is NTSC format.