Pal/ntsc Help!

:bow: HELPP

hello i have an iso/read file that is actually a movie, i can get it to play in VLC player but since the format is PAL i cannot see the image but only hear the sound. Any codecs or particular players i could get to vizualize PAL movies ?

thanks !

PCs have no format restrictions, only stand alone equiptment (TV/DVD/VCR/consoles) do. That’s as far as I am willing to go until you clear up the viseo matter, as I know of no legitimate service to download movies in ISO format, and am not about to break the rules if I can help it, Tax has already slapped my wrists once in the past.

iam happy to hear that, but why cant the file play ?

i meaan all NTSC files i have play OK … what can be done ?

Does the source disc work?

yes …

In VLC? If so then you have done something wrong in the conversion to ISO.

What software did you use to make it? What steps did you take?

Try mounting the image on a virtual drive and playing it with something like PowerDVD and see what happens. This will help narrow it down to whether it is your ISO or VLC that is causing the problem.

yeah well i actually already tried with power DVD and same thing happens :frowning:

i havent made the .iso myself but have received from a friend who has and where it plays fine for him …

i have tried with an other pal format iso file and same bug …

No software player will give a crap whether your file is PAL or NTSC. None. I’m guessing you don’t have mpeg2 codecs installed, but then VLC should play it regardless. Hmmm… Try uninstalling and reinstalling VLC, and also check if your file will play on MPC or BSplayer.
Extract or burn it from the .iso before you try to play it, or at least mount it. Pretty wierd problem. Let us know how you fix it.

Use originals. :bigsmile:

ask your friend what the heck he used to make the ISO then because it sounds like he did something wrong.