Pal-ntsc conversion

I have a European unit LVW 5055 GLD+ and want to use it in Canada. I realise that the unit says Region 2 on the back but I have upgraded to region free so it plays US /Canadain DVD. My problem is with the connection to satellite box - Starchoice. I thought that I could link it in using the composite connection via Scart input and use the comp out or RCA and as long as I didn’t use the tuner I might be able to use it to record and playback. It does work up to a point - picture is split with 3 inches of the top of the picture at the bottom of the screen. I think this is the lines difference 625 - 525 . I wondered if I could use the firmware upgrade for the HD - A760Gx as it is the same unit. I don’t know if it will reconfigure to NTSC

Or whether I need ti use a NTSC to Pal converter to get the picture in and then a PAL to NTSC converter to get it out.

I know it seems a bit of a nonsense but i like the recorder and will try to sort a solution before I spend more money.

I even phoned Liteon US to see if I could buy a new board with NTSC tuner and connections but they don’t do parts - seemed strange.

Any ideas welcomed

STB and standalone recorders don’t work together like you’d have it too, sadly.