PAL Menu with Nero Vision Express



I’m trying to make a menu for a DVD I am am making that has 8 video files. All the icons and everything are work. My only problem is the background. I read that a PAL background has to be 720*576. I made it this size and imported it into Vision Express.

This is where I started having problems. Nero has two borders in the menu design area. The pictures in my background went over both these borders. When I viewed in Nero what my menu would look like it showed the entire background. Everything was fine, nothing was cut off. So I burned it and some of the background was cut off.

My question then is should I make the area I want viewable fit inside the outer border or the inner border? What size shold I make the background?



You should try as far as possible to fit any background picture in the outer borderas far as possible as that is the TV Safe area. Whereas for greatest compatibility try fitting everything in the Inner Border as this is the Action Safe Area(I.E. the only place any buttons placed will work only when placed within these borders). The discrepancy between the computer and TV Screen arises due to the greater res of the Comp screen and hence its greater viewing area which are chopped(only on display) of at the time of viewing on the TV and hence the necessity of the TV Safe Area.

Hope this helps.