PAL is Wrong Signal Type?



I’m purchased a Liteon LVW-5005 in Uruguay, South America Region 4 (but the recorder is Region 1).

So, I used the ILO / LiteOn SMART Firmware Hacker! ( for Macro and LP mode, and it worked well when the 5005 is configured for NTSC system (in the setup menu). But
note that I’m using only PAL input into 5005 since I’m in India. However, since the 5005 is configured for NTSC and the input coming in is PAL, when I try to record, the system errors out saying “Wrong Signal Type”. Can anyone help me please?



PS. I have a firmware file (for USA)
My old serial number is 0102-1140-0085-F2SC (000-010B).
The after upgrade S/n is 0102-1140-0098-F2SC (013-0108).


Change the 5005 to PAL and prepare a new disc. If it is set to NTSC it will prepare an NTSC disc preventing it from recording a PAL signal. You can’t seem to mix recordings from different signal types.


I have the same or similar problem, but the suggested solution is confusing. I am running a PAL signal from a PAL VCR into the 5005. The TV is only connected to the 5005 and not directly to the VCR. The 5005 is set to PAL. When I prepare to record the PAL signal, I can see the video with no problem and properly framed on myTV. When I then hit the record botton on the 5005, it tells me that I have the wrong signal type. Well, since I can see the video on my TV, which is set to PAL and the signal is running through the 5005 that is also set to PAL, I don’t have a clue what is going on. When I set the 5005 to NTSC and run the PAL signal into it, it records it in NTSC, but due to the scanning line difference between PAL and NTSC, I am losing some of the picture, and NTSC is not very good compared to PAL. That is why I prefer transfering PAL tapes to PAL DVD. When I play BACK a PAL DVD on an NTSC TV, the frame is okay and the picture is good. In sum, I am losing picture content and quality by recording PAL in NTSC onto a DVD and I simply want to record PAL in PAL. The manual indicates PAL recording quality, so I assume it is capable of doing so. I also used blank DVD discs that have never seen a NTSC signal, so the pre-existence of a NTSC signal on the DVD is not an issue.
What could be the problem? I have looked at the firm and system ware updates, but since you have to pick the country you are in, I am not sure whether this would mess up my PAL capabilities or interfere with the region free setup I have. I also doubt if the updates would address my problem. It is also puzzling that LITEON does not tell you what the updates actuall are for or what they do.
Does anyone have an answer to this problem? Thanks in advance.


I may be wrong on this, but my impression was that the TV system the unit will record is determined by the firmware. That is why there are different firmwares for machines of different origins. The region changes and hacks affect only that - the region; not the TV system the machine is set up for.
True, the machines can convert PAL to NTSC and vice versa … but only on PLAYBACK.


Hm, but what If you are not converting anything? You are simply recording the signal in the same standard as it comes in, i.e. PAL to PAL, NTSC to NTSC? Also, the manual indicates the recording quality for recording to PAL and recording to NTSC… without making reference to the TV system the machine is set up for. At the same time, my manual indicates that a disc will not play if it is from another region… Hm, when selecting your country in the setup mode, it does not show PAL countries, but does show KOREA, Uruguay, etc.
Is there a way to hack the country list? Perhaps that IS the problem. If the recorder believes it is in Germany, perhaps it will then record PAL in PAL? There has to be a way to switch the countries to a different list. What do you all think?

Schuster…you may well have the key to the problem…only need to find a solution now. Thanks for your comments


Woops, while re-reading Schuster’s posting I noticed that he he felt that the machine can convert PAL to NTSC and vice versa…only on PLAYBACK. That is not the case. When I run a PAL signal into the machine, it records it in NTSC. When I run a NTSC signal into it, it also records it in NTSC. (NTSC=Never Twice the Same Color) PAL is much better/sharper and the colors are more vivid… I always lose quality when I convert PAL to NTSC… which is why I want to record PAL in PAL…


Thanks … I stand corrected!


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I’m selling my LVW-5005 on Ebay at the moment (never used it as much as I thought I would), and a potential buyer has a question. He wants to attach a PAL device (VCR or DVD player) to create an NTSC version of a PAL recording. From the threads below, it appears there’s some confusion whether this is possible or not.

Pablo Riera says he gets a “wrong signal type” error if he tries to do this, but Condorito reports success. Is it possible that there are two different settings to deal with – firmware and output type? If using an NTSC machine, can a person record an incoming PAL signal and save it as an NTSC disc? If this is possible, what does the Lite-on do about NTSC’s reduced resolution? Does it resample the PAL image to make it fit on an NTSC screen, or does it “zoom” and crop off the right edge and bottom?