This Queation is mostly aimed at Chickenman but if anyone else knows, please also reply…

I have read Chickenmans guide to converting DivX to DVD, and I want mine to be region PAL (so it will play on my PS2)so i tick the NTSC to PAL box . When it comes to authoring it and i must insert the sound, what do I do? You say you don’t add AC3 audio because thats for complience with NTSC… Also the MP2 encoded audio is to big so what audio do I add?



First of all, you can use AC3 on PAL DVDs and if it wont fit you have to decrease your video stream’s bitrate (re-encode or re-transcode). If you have MP2 audio you can try to lower the bitrate to 160-192kbps. If it still doesn’t fit you’ll have to do as above for AC3.

NTSC and PAL aren’t regions, they’re video standards. you can learn more about them here under “Technical Info for DVD-Video”.

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…You say you don’t add AC3 audio because thats for complience with NTSC…

No, I didnt say that, I said :-

18. If the audio file was origianlly MP3 and converted to Encoded_Audio_1.mp2, then this needs to be converted to AC3 format for 100% DVD compliance. While most authoring software will accept a *.mp2 file for the audio, DVD Player playback will suffer on some brands/versions of DVD Players. MP2 audio is not a specified audio for NTSC DVD’s but is for PAL. Use AC3 Machine or BeSweet GUI (with BeSweet) to convert the mp2 to ac3 format. Some players (some Pioneer, Phillips, etc) do not like BeSweet converted AC3 files, so read the specific Tutorial on how to use AC3Enc to do the conversion for a more complaint AC3 file.

Since BeSweet no longer outputs an AC3 audio file, I would suggest you use the freeware ffMPEG (with its ffMPEGGUI ) to convert the MP2 audio to AC-3. and set the bitrate to 192.