PAL Conversion to NTSC and NTSC Conversion to PAL

Standards Conversion (on the cheap)

You will need[ul][li]TMPGEnc – MPEG 1 and 2 encoder (MPEG 2 encode requires purchase after the initial trial period expires).[]AVISynth – A script-based video processing application.[]BeSweet – A command-line-based audio processing application. []BeSweetGUI – A GUI front end for BeSweet. []DVD2AVI – A tool for extracting the video and audio from DVD VOB files. []MPEG2DEC.dll – An MPEG 2 decoder. []SmoothDeinterlacer.dll – An AVISynth plugin that converts interlaced video to non-interlaced video. [*]WSOLA.exe – A command-line utility to time scale audio.[/ul]
[/li] BeSweet BeSweet GUI