Pal Conversion Info

Well I found sort of an answer to my dvd’s that are in the PAL format.
I found that by using dvd fab platinum or gold,and copying them the
regular way.Ive found that they play fine on my original xbox dvd player.
So just thought you would like the info.
Good Luck ZAP EM.

Not sure why or how this works but thanks for the tip!:slight_smile: Would the original PAL DVDs play on the Xbox or just the DVDFab copies?

Im really not sure,but I will give it a try.I did try experimenting with other players
other then my xbox,or my region free player,and all I had gotten was a message
saying unsupported or a blank screen.

Very interesting. If you have a chance to experiment with it any more let us know what you find. And thanks again for the update.

I did experiment a little bit more and, found that when I try to play my original
pal dvd’s , on my xbox they say wrong region. So the copies made with dvd fab gold
especially seem to work fine in my original xbox.[excluding bad media of course].
I don’t exactly know why,but it could be that the game system works like a
computer that’s my guess. So far that’s my info.

Thanks for the update:) . Wish I had one to experiment with.