I have a xvid file that I converted to NTSC . I used automatic settings in convert x . When I play the video , it looks like a PAL screen. It looks a little concaved.Would this happen if the xvid file was previously Pal?

If you convert PAL video with automatic settings then result is PAL.
You must force NTSC to get NTSC from PAL.

I just converted the same file with Winavi. The quality is not as sharp but the screen is normal. I used NTSC full screen. Does anyelse have similar problems converting xvid files with convert x to dvd? I’m using the newest version of each.

I did force NTSC. The T.V screen was automatic. Maybe I should force full screen or widescreen?

o.k I checked previous post about dvd 4;3 letterbox widescreen. I set that on [U]my D.V.D player[/U].That worked . Now I don’t have to buy Winavi.

How can I [B]Convert a PAL cd in a NTSC…??? [/B]Does it exist some free software to do so?
Audrey :slight_smile: