PAL and AnyDVD



Hey all, ran into a bit of trouble recently. I made a backup of one of my dvds that is PAL Region 2. I was under the impression that anydvd would make it compatible with any region, so i ripped with clonedvd and burned. Problem is my ps2 is complaining about it being PAL and not NTSC. So my question, is there something in anydvd i forgot to configure, or am i stuck with making PAL backups of PAL dvds? Thanks


have you checked all the removal features in anydvd?


REGIONS and TV-SYSTEM doesn’t have anything to related to each other. Region control is one thing AnyDVD removes, TV-system is something that can’t be “removed”, it just is. Movies in USA is usually NTSC system and movies in europe is PAL… They are TV (color) systems and NTSC has 60HZ while PAL is 50Hz… Granted, 99.9% of region 1 movies are in NTSC because region 1 is USA and region 2 movies is 99.9% PAL as region 2 is most of europe… You got the picture now? :smiley:

PAL can be converted to NTSC and vise versa, but that is completely diffirent story, try to google about it or propably has some good guides to do that :wink:


Yeah i had no idea, first time ive tried to backup a disc thats not ntsc… well looks like ive got some reading to do. thanks!


Basically correct, but you forget the people in Japan, they are Region 2 and have NTSC/60Hz, and love watching DVDs :slight_smile:
So, there exist quite a lot Region 2 NTSC DVDs.


Well from what ive read, looks like NeroVision Express will be able to convert PAL to NTSC. Thats just what ive read, have to find out when i get home tonight.


NeroVision Express 2 includes the following features:
Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion

sweet ok, answered my own question. already got what i need to get the job done!


Heh, I didn’t notice that Japan is region 2 too :iagree:

As I have used AnyDVD for awhile now so no need to think anything like that, and I can watch PAL and NTSC movies both on my TV :bigsmile:


well it works good enough… just that its laggy during quick moving scenes. most likely because of the different framerates. hmmmm maybe ill just live with watching them on my computer instead :smiley: