Pair of 165P6S - Reading Maddness

After a hard days work, thinking I’d come home for a relaxing dinner, play with
the kidlets and Mom, while burning a few backups, I stumbled into this mess…

  • currently, the kids, Mom and the dog are kicking, throwing things and pulling on my chair
  • my ass is sore from sitting waaaaay too long
  • my dinner is still sitting on the counter, untouched…
  • just took out the trash, and the family locked me out…

Two 165P6S drives, both with MV7U installed

  • each in seperate system
  • almost identical, Intel 875P based, one with P4 3.2 Presscot, other with P4 3.0 Northwood

165P6s #1 - Date: Jan 2006; China; SHM-165P6S04C; SN: 333xxxxxx311

  • about 2mos old now and performing with excellence!

165P6S #2 - Date: Feb 2006; China; SHM-165P6S04C; SN: 008xxxxxx364

  • installed a week ago

I’ve been following the “TEST” firmware thread with interest and decided to give
MV8V a quick test on 165P6S #2 this evening, not expecting it would
take 4hrs and make me nuts.

Noticed CodeKing and a few others, mentioning read issues, so I picked the two
least favorite media types I have, TDK TTH02 -R and IMATION CMCMAG AM3 -R.

The following results are from 165P6S #2:

  • burn and quality are within nominal specs
  • what the heck is going on with Bench ??

Pair of 165P6S - Reading Maddness - b[/b]

Took the disks burned with 165P6S #2 and did Benches with 165P6s #1:

  • results are excellent, pointing to 165P6S #2 read problem
  • re-loaded EEPROM and FW, same bad read results
  • triple checked that SB, HT, OSW, OHT were on and matched 165P6S #1 settings
  • reloaded MV7U and checked setting were the same on both drives
  • just for grins, switched drives between systems, and read problem followed the drive


  • must have gotten a bad one (first LiteOn, out of many, since 401 days)
  • considered posting in “TEST FW” thread, but decided to start a new one
  • anybody got a spare sleeping bag?

Probably a system related problem, have you tried to install the "bad " drive into the system with the working drive? if not then I would suggest you to try it. At least you will be able to find out if the drive is the problem :wink:

Pair of 165P6S - Reading Maddness - b[/b]

Replaced 165P6S #2 with new drive.

  • Date: Feb 2006; China; SHM-165P6S04C; SN: 008xxxxxx366
  • (only 2 units away from old SN of “364”)

Following benches are of disks created by defective “read” drive

Also see Test Firmware Thread for new test burn, using MV8V:
POST #355 -