Painting the tray

I have a white cd writer, but i want to paint the tray black because i read that plextor makes the trays black because it reduces reflection from the laser beam and improves the write quality. What paint should i use? Do you recommnend using a brush with black paint or black spray paint? do you recommend doing this at all? thx.

do you have proble,s with the drive???
if not…don’t paint it

The “improvement” you’ll get by painting the tray black will be very minimal if it even exists. If you plan on doing it anyway, get the flat finish spray paint… You know what? Just don’t.:Z

Why not? Can i damage something, because i also want the drive to look cooler. I’m sick of it’s white.

It’s not too difficult to open up your drive and take the tray out. It’ll void your warranty, though.

If you look at your tray, there’s a huge hole in it where the laser shines on the disc. Considering the fact that the drive tray is about an inch away from the laser, you shouldn’t worry about rogue beams somehow bouncing off of the tray.

If you just want to make the drive look better, it’s a good idea only to mess with the faceplate. You can buy new bezels or stealth mod your drive, and both of those would probably be more flashy and less risky than voiding your warranty and spraypainting your tray.

plextor makes the trays black because it reduces reflection from the laser

I have to snicker every time I see this. I have to believe that if it were that easy to lower jitter, that all the drives would have black trays. Snake oil. :wink:

In an act of immense sputidity i opened my drive and i voided my warranty. This happened in march. I bought the drive in december last year and i had one year of warranty. So stupid, ain’t i? So, there is no problem for me to open the drive. By the way, i have an asus crw-4816a and it has that rounded faceplate that i hate so much.

if there is nothing on the drive that you have to break to open it, opening the drive doesn’t really “void” the warranty, as they would never know u opened it.

Painting the tray back would.

It’s easy to remove the faceplate, the tray cover, and the tray itself.

I don’t believe that black trays is better than white tray :rolleyes:
Or i can be true but i haven’t myself ever heard about that. But i don’t think so.

If you want black front bezel so also LG have black front bezel for LG DVD-ROM drives and black front bezel for LG CD-RW drives. In Finland it is very normal parts (can get many popular shop) and it is pay only from 2 to 5 eur, depend to store where you buy it. But with black front bezel you don’t get the tray to black, but it fit very good for to black computer case :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, I started THIS thread while back ago on this exactly. I ended up leaving it as is as I just got lazy. Now that I think about it…its not worth the effort.

Look on ,they have bezels for a few drives,check it ,you might get lucky…:cool: Also check ,they specialize in that soft of thing,if you like a lime green

I found from only one Lian-Li black Aluminum bezel. I find only drives with come black bezel.

I’m lucky that in finland is many place which sell black bezel to LG CD-RW and DVD drives so you can buy white LG and black bezel to it. In this way you get 2 color drive, black or white depend your situations :cool:

In finland you can get also in black ready CD-RW drive from LG,Plextor, Samsung and IBM. And for Toshiba and LG you get black bezel.

I buy CD-RW and DVD-ROM black bezel which both fit to all LG drives (to CD-RW or DVD). It cost only 2.4eur (cost depend store and 7eur is most expensive that i found) per piece. I now use in my new one led LG 52x CD-RW Black DVD-ROM Bezel :smiley:

And here is pictures that i take :stuck_out_tongue: (click to get image in larger size)

LG White CD-RW Bezel (come with cd writer) - LG Black CD-RW Bezel (3061H-1081H)

LG White DVD Bezel (come with dvd drive) - LG Black DVD Bezel (3061H-1029D)