Painting on to CDs

Hi There,

I’ve got a question concerning writing or in my case, printing onto CDs.

I’m in a band and we want to put out a demo. We’ve seen some CDs that have a white top surface and want to spray paint a stencilled image onto the white surface.

Will this adversely affect the CD or CD player?

Are there any types of paint that you can reccommend or would advise me to stay away from?

Remember this is a cheap-to-produce demo. I do not expect archival quality by any stretch of the imagination.



Yes it will affect the cd if the paint is agressive enough.

However , this will take some time. So it’s perhaps an excellent way to distribute some demo-cd’s. (Which will self destruct in a matter of months).

I think you’d need printable-cd’rs and paint with about the same components as deskjet ink , to get a good quality cd-rom.

What about getting a printer with the ability to print to the CD directly. Like the Epson R300 £120 (UK) as one example. It all depends what you want it to look like.

Sorry I didn’t read your message correctly and this sounds like an expense you don’t want to commit too (unless your looking to upgrade your printer that is).:rolleyes:

paint is probably a definite no. unless it’s very thin, it’ll throw off the balance of the cd. getting printable labels would be a much better (and not so expensive) choice.

The cds can get pretty hot at times. You don’t want the paint to melt in people’s drives, right?..

Just stick with printable labels and you should be fine :slight_smile:

Well, I’m thinking that normal car spray paint is tested to about 200 degrees without melting and that a thin enough layer wouldn’t cause too much wobble.

If labels look OK where is the cheapest place to but them from?

Thanks for your comments by the way.

DC Data

I use this place myself for all my paper requirements if you live in the uk that is. Friendly, cheap, and i recommened these
In-Line CD Labels (Acorn/Printrite/Boma Style) PHOTO MATT (Sold in Pack of 30 Labels)
though gloss are just as good i prefer the non shine look.
Hope this helps.:wink: