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Hi folks :slight_smile:

Here is a new mistery I’m facing now. does not work as it should, some strange issue appeared regarding a crash:

Well I happened to go to control panel/programs/programs and features, and the program was there (between Open Broadcaster Software and Power DVD):

But then I looked for it at revo uninstaller, but I did not found it:

And what’s more, the next time I went to control panel, no program details were shown in spite of the given option being active:

So now I am a bit worried…

Any suggestion as to what may be all this about?


I have used Paint.NET many many years and for me it works perfect.

Which version of Paint.NET do you use? I have the latest v4.0.5

Which OS do you use? I use Paint.NET on three different computers. An old 32bit with Win XP Pro Sp3 and two new 64bit with Win 7 Sp1 and Win 8.1 and Paint.NET works perfect.

Try to uninstall with Revo Uninstaller (advanced setting) and install Paint.NET again.


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Tack för hjälpen! Just learning swedish :slight_smile:

Well in the end I found out that there was some sort of incompatibility with the latest framework update which I fixed with the “repair” option at Programs and Features. And Paint started working again.

But I am considering the possibility to reinstall it, for it is still not clear to me why it does not appear at revo… I did not use the advanced setting options yet, though, so it may be proper time to get acquainted with this option. I booted on safe mode once, and to my utter astonishment paint appeared on top left just under the recycle bin…

Tack igen till dig!


Do all your installed programs appear in Revo? I think sometimes programs do not appear in 3rd party utilities, even though they appear in Programs and Features.



Well that’s an interesting point. Just checked, and there are just 63 shown in revo compared to the 86 in programs and features…

I apologize for the delay, this last week was quite a busy one at the tech shop, had to disassemble lots of old towers, test lots of Hard Disks + DDR1 & 2 RAM memories. The hell of a work.