Painkiller backup (Need help quickly!)




Just got Painkiller and I need a backup.

I used Clony to find that the protection was SafeDisc v2.

Loaded up Alcohol 120% and I got numerous amounts of “disc read” errors. And it took at least 10 minutes to get to 2% completion.

What’s up?


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Firstly you will need to get a decent protection scanner. Clony is outdated and inaccurate, so i would suggest downloading Aray Scanner instead. Painkiller is protected by safedisc 3.20, not safedisc v2.

The read errors are part of the safedisc protection and so are normal, you just have to wait for alcohol to skip through all the errors. Once it gets to about 3-4% the errors will cease and the process will speed up.

Safedisc 3.20 is the latest version of safedisc and is VERY hard to backup. Could you post what drives you have, as creating a successful backup depends on the hardware you have.


Or about Sectors 10,000 to 10,500:)


Hey, hope I’m not threadjacking here, but I have the same problem… I’m trying to make a backup of “Painkiller” and just wanted to know if my drive (I’m assuming you need to know about my CD-RW) a TDK 40/12/48B would work with Alcohol 120% to do this. And if so, are there any particular settings I need to use with Alcohol to get a good burn?

All help appreciated!


Hi Baphomet welcome to cdfreaks,

take look here for your backup problem SafeDisc 3.20 Successes and Non-Successes. You got to make the EFM aka SHEEP test look here Efm Is Your Drive Capable, here you can check. Hope that helped you :slight_smile:


Success!! Thanks for your help!

By following one of the links you provided, I found the following [edited slightly for clarity]:

"If you experience a lot of errors in the Log Window and the imaging seems to be taking forever, the disc is most likely protected by SafeDisc, LaserLock or RingPROTECH. The majority of the time it’s SafeDisc [it was]. Use a scanner from here to ID it. Got SafeDisc? This is what you do:

  1. Download and install Daemon Tools. You will see an icon in your system tray. It can mount an image of your game for playing and it can emulate the protection. Try Left and Right-clicking the icon.
  2. Choose SafeDisc from the emulation list.
  3. Put in the Play-disc.
  4. Start the game and play a little.
  5. Leave the play-disc in.
  6. Now start your Backup App and choose the SafeDisc profile [I used Alcohol’s SafeDisk 2/3 option].
  7. The errors will be skipped in mere seconds. [Well, more than a few in my case…]

This is now known as a fastdump image."

Followed the instructions using Alcohol set to “SafeDisk 2/3” and it worked like a charm.
Thanks again!!


Fastdump is a nice feature, isnt it?:wink: