Pain and Sufferings After installed the Game



Dear Sir,
This is Thirumalaikumar.I must tell you that “Die-hard fan of Maxpayne” Pc game likewise i downloaded the “The Fall of Maxpayne 2” and successfully installed the game on my Pc. when click the game Play icon it shows one dialog box containg the error mesage that"No disc inserted".I request you to: how can i fix this probelm?
My system configurations As follows:
Win XP
706 MB Ram
Intel Pentium IV Processor
Direct X 9.0 installed
Please help Me !!! please:sad:


Buying the original tends to help, instead of illegally downloading it…

Please respect MyCE by respecting our rules


Max Payne 2 is available as a legal download from at least one site that I know of, but you have to live in the US, Canada or the UK to have access to it. That is at and the game costs $9.95.

If you have purchased the game and downloaded it, you should contact the online store and ask for instructions.