Paid music services not a success (yet)

I just posted the article Paid music services not a success (yet).

Reuters reports that the paid music services are still not very succesfull. While free/illegal music exchange software has been downloaded over 3.000.000 times, the paid ones have to do it with…

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LMAO Damn!! What the hell is Is the whole site just one big piss take? I cant work out what it’s actually meant to be other than just a big joke

If you want to get your music legit, check out This is just one great legal downloadcenter with no restrictions whatsoever. Pressplay and Musicnet eat your heart out. Do it the Spanish Style. :wink:

Today’s Hot Hits: as chosen by Hilary Rosen of the RIAA- “Shake Your Bon-Bon” Ricky Martin hahahaha :4

If they want people to use these services they need to offer something extra, like fast download times, and the music being available at any bitrate in any format. I myself long for high quality MP3s, 320kbps stuff, you can really hear the difference. Oh, and cut prices! :4