Paid KaZaA version is on it's way - Where does that money go?

I just posted the article Paid KaZaA version is on it’s way - Where does that money go?.

Our friends from ZeroPaid have discovered that the current KaZaA 2.00 version already included code that could unleash a paid KaZaA version. The current files of KaZaA already include the graphics…

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Just another reason to stick to WinMX…

right on brotha, WinMx 3.3 rocks! I’ve never even tried out Kazaa and I’m not planning on it. I love the multi-source download feature on 3.3 :4

Hehehe, I can’t wait to see the keygen for Kazaa Plus floating around on their own network :4

Oooo, multi-source download feature…something Kazaa has had for sometime now.

Even though Kazaa is downloaded roughly 10x more than WinMX, WinMX finds me 10x more MP3s (including rare artists) than Kazaa! :slight_smile:

Kazaa lite… all the features of WinMX… additional, powerful features and 10 times the user base.

HI, why is Kaazza better than anything other: Its simple the more users the more content the more bandwidth. Kazza has the most users, so kazza has the most bandwidth and the most content. Understood ? Gräfdig

Can someone tell me how to get such as 3000 search results as mentioned in the text above with Kazaa Lite? I can only get 200 results and then push the search more button only once :frowning: