Paid content comes to Kazaa

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Cnet is reporting that KaZaA is currently experimenting with paid content. The company has Brilliant Digital pay them in order tolet Brilliant Digital to implent a service that buys keywords on the…

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This is what the music industry needed to do ages ago. They need to make their own version of Kazza ran from their own super fast servers with perfect rips of every song under the sun. People can then search for songs they want, find them instantly, pay a tiny fee per song and download a crystal clear copy of it. Minimal distrobution costs for the record industry, minimum effort for the customer and maximum results all around. And as for worrying about including copy protection that’s just them shooting themselves in the foot again and making sure it wont suceed. If they just served mp3’s at 192kb/s perfect quality rips encoded with custom made hardware encoders or something to give perfect compressions and they had all the songs under the sun and integrated it into a kazza like software then ALOT of people would prefer to just use their software. Pay the small fee per song and download a perfect copy as oposed to the crap we often end up getting off of Kazza. Preferably even have an option to allow us to store our credit card details locally with 128 bit encryption and have this automatically be used to buy us the song. Or alternatively, allow us to do a pre-pay system where we buy ourselves say $10 worth of credit then can use this to download as many songs as we can get for this money before needing to recharge our credit. If they started using their brains and thinking not about how to break and fight the distrobution but instead how to lead it and make people use them and pay them a small fee for it then they’d win. I’d have no problem paying say 50c to download a perfect rip mp3 with no copy protection crap. If they’re including copy protection I’ll give them around 10c for it per song as it means I wont be able to burn it onto cd, back it up or anything else useful. Copy protection is the biggest problem they’re giving themselves as far as advancing goes. It’s not helping, it’s hurting.

Well. A song with DRM is absolutely 0 cents worth, Nila. Not 10 :slight_smile: If i cannot control it i cannot use it.

Yeah, it’s amazing how fuckin stupid they are. If they’d just make a kazza like service with mp3’s they’d make a FORTUNE and kill piracy cause they’d have the best selection and the fastest speeds so most people just fork out the 50c or whatever for a decent song. Some people obviously wouldn’t but alot would.

Yep. thats right. People don’t wanna be “criminals” if they can have the same for a reasonably amount of $.

that’s like a trojan isn’t it!