Paging file on drives

Is there any reason I should have seperate paging files on all my drives considering all the os and programs are all on the c: drive. Everything else is just storage. I just changed the paging file to Autosize on the C drive only and it works out to be about 750meg

Nah, there isn’t any benefit to having mulitple pagefile’s. Nor is there any benefit to storing the pagefile on any volume other than the one the OS resides on.

i store mine on a different volume. different hard drive entirely. If the swap file is on a different drive, the hard drive wont be trying to read from the OS system files and write to the swap drive on the same volume at the same time. This equals an increase in speed anytime files are swapped out.

I agree. I’ve put mine on another drive and it has it’s own 3GB partition.
I did this mainly for Acronis backups and defragging the other partitions on all my other drives. The system seems to run much sweeter this way

I will have to try that out and see if things speed up any. I have a good system but at times there seems to be a bottle neck somewhere in disk activity. It may very well be that reading the OS, it’s programs, the pagefile, and the cache all at almost the same time may be doing it. Because I just added 500 gig of SATA and they don’t have much on them yet I could re partition a section of one and it’s only job would be paging storage. Diskkeeper also keeps telling me I need more MTF on some of the drives. I tried that and usually things became a mess and I would have to format the drive to get it back to normal. Thanks for the ideas, Ill try them :flower: