Pages loading very slowly for me

Is it just me or is anyone else having a problem with the pages taking almost a minute to load? ( All browsers)

Happened for me yesterday. 3hrs in the late afternoon where I couldn’t do anything on the site. Nothing would load.

Today its fine for me.

V1 is a little better but its not my computer its the site, I am not having problems wit any other sites, and I cleared all my cache.

well this page took a while to load, the prefetch notice at the bottom reading ‘waiting for’ or some such. When my pages load slow this is often what it says.

[QUOTE=alan1476;2494262]Is it just me or is anyone else having a problem with the pages taking almost a minute to load? ( All browsers)[/QUOTE]

Hi :slight_smile:
That bug I sent you is working then… :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=zebadee;2494313]Hi :slight_smile:
That bug I sent you is working then… :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]
Nope, that one crawled away. This one just vanished.:bigsmile::wink:

Every page is loading at normal speed for me.

yup no problems for me in a couple weeks now.

Back to normal now :wink:

Seems that a couple of icons are now loaded from a 3rd party website ( - this often slows down the forum (at least for me). :a
Is such really necessary? The more external sources are used, the more likely are performance issues. :rolleyes:


Over the past hour or two, the forum has been slowing down intermittently here, ranging from a few seconds to pages timing out:

It was running fine yesterday and this morning.

Try clearing your cache and sign back in. Worked for me earlier when it was slow for me awhile ago. I didn’t get any timeouts though.

Using FF 3.6 and CDF’s v1.0.

Slave server crashed, working on it :slight_smile:

But you shouldn’t check all tables in all databases. Just check the important databases in PHPMyAdmin, search for tables that show a message in the overview, mark them and choose repair tables. Much faster than what you tried to do :stuck_out_tongue:

As you may have noticed, we had some serious downtime this evening (EU time). The slave database crashed and we had to completely re-install this, which took several hours. Unfortunately, the master database server could not handle all traffic alone, so we were unable to keep the site up and running.

I’m sorry for the trouble. We have been working all evening to get everything online ASAP. Let me know if you still have problems with loading the site.

Pages loading quick enough here. :slight_smile:

EDIT: well…replying maybe not so fast, hehe.

It was a long downtime for the site, so I thought it had to be bad :eek:

test :slight_smile:

I assume you noticed we had some downtime… fixed now :slight_smile:

Pages are sometimes taking forever to load today, and on the next attempt the same page may load quickly.

Are pages occasionally taking awhile to load for anyone else, or is my Internet just being wacky tonight? :slight_smile: