Pages for power supplys

Does anyone know a page(similar to cdfreaks) that focuses on power supplys???

How about trying a google search for “power supply review”?

I’m looking for a page that FOCUSES on power supplys.
Not all those pages that have a handful of Powers upply reviews over last decade.

It seems to me that if a site existed, it would probably show up on a google search! :iagree:

I searched for it but to find the handful good sides in all those useless crap is very hard.
You only get the real good sides by asking for it.
That’s how I got here one of the best sides for optical storage(helped me finding my new DCD burner).
And that’s how I got to storagereview a side that concentrates completely on hard disk(helped me to with my new hard disk).
And now I’m searching for a side that concentrates completely on power supplys(I think you can guess what I need that side for).

The last good review I saw for power supplies was a few months ago at It was a very comprehensive review which included pushing the power supplies to the edge. To date, I haven’t seen a comparison that even came close.

If you want to make it easy…
FSP (Fortron-Source) if you’re on a tight budget otherwise Seasonic S12-series is the way to go.

Not exactly what you were looking for, but plenty of info about PSUs.