Padus releases Discjuggler 4.10.1084, supports VariRec II and GigaRec

I just posted the article Padus releases Discjuggler 4.10.1084, supports VariRec II and GigaRec.

It seems that also on the software side the
Plextor Premium is well supported. Now also Padus has released an update of
their software that adds support for some of the features of this drive…

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I’d prefer to see HD-Burn which doubles a discs size. But I can’t even burn reliably at 52x on certain 52x media so doubling the size might not help much in reliability anyhow. Curious to know how cheap media handles these new size technologies and how other rom drives handle reading them back. Also. Could you burn an audio CD at that size and expect it to playback? How about VCD’s? :slight_smile:

Plextor’s GigaRec (GR) works pretty well in my experience. The GR discs can always be read back by the Premium drive, other devices may have problems reading GR discs. The readability improves when you use a lower GR setting. Audio also works with GR and on a standard 80 minute disc you will be able to fit 111 minutes of audio, using the maximum setting. My stereo plays these discs just fine (although they’re recognized as 11 minutes in size). Oh and the Premium drive will record at 4x (without BURN-Proof) when recording in GR mode. Almost all CD-R discs can noways be recorded at this low speed.

Yeah, I imagine it adjusts the pit size so that jitter correction on normal drives causes the disc to be read slower. Doing that it is possible to push disc capacity to 40% more, but that’s the limit of the CD spec.

Official support for Bin and Cue files, DJ has burned them since version 3.0, funny.

DiscJuggler has not included official support for the .BIN + .CUE image file format until this release. While it is true that our product allowed you to use a binary image file as the source, you had to enter various information that would have been available in the .CUE for the recording to work using our “Suggested format for unrecognized images” feature of our “Burn CD and DVD images” task. Support for the .BIN + .CUE format, including technical support, has not been available to any of our customers until yesterday. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Nice, been looking for bin/cue support. DJ is an excellent piece of software, thanks. :slight_smile: /MLS

Joel, I love your program, registered user and think it is the best for burning. For .BINs I never did anything but select the .BIN and it never asked for other info that is available in the cue and I have been a registered user since 3.0. Maybe I just burn a standard bin that does not require anything but it is as easy as 1-2-3 for me.

Hi Jim. In some cases one would have been able to record some types of disc images in the .BIN format. Now all formats are supported.