Padus fixes Mitsumi CR-4804TE TEXT

I just posted the article Padus fixes Mitsumi CR-4804TE TEXT.

Submitted by: iMAGiNE

There will be a new version of Disc Juggler on Monday. CD-TEXT writing on Mitsumi CR-4804TE will be fixed.

Couldn’t find it on the site,…

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We’ll see…

Just for the humour value of it it’d be cool if instead of having one site with all the cdr software on it for each piece of software we copy the name (ie and do a web site for each software using the same name (ie It’d make it easy to get the software and if one person maintained just one software then it’ll be a lot more likely to never have broken links. Also it’d make it nice and easy to find any piece of cdr software. CloneCD already has this type of thing with

As a 4804 TE proud owner, it makes me glad.

£100 for a 4804TE over 6 months ago, got it to get clone compatability. Well those people out there in cdr world must love us
ps. zero coasters and better than my scsi yamaha drive also…!

It seems my CR 4804TE Drive is a bit old. Never really used it much. I did not have any troubles using the software that came with the Drive “WinOnCD 3.6” making master backup copies of my purchased music CD’s. But I never really understood what I was doing many years ago, been too busy since to play arround. However I still like using my earlier computer running Windows 98Second addition, but I have been getting error spool 32 messages. Restarting using “ScanDisk” deals with it until its next occurence. It is my personal opinion, I pick up something that causes me grief , when in my ignorance I tried to get Windows 98Se updated on the internet 2 years ago and put in the wrong Windows CDROM,
When I can, I will re-format my old Computer’s Hard Drive.
But first I must copy my mainly document files. I did the Nearly full 10GB drive in bulk several months ago, but have about 4months of documents to copy, with more to come until I can trust myself with MS Vista on a new Medion Computer running vista. like everybody else I have up to date disk burning programs, such as “Nero”, but is it not best to always use the software supplied with the RW Drive, Such as “LeQuadrat and WinOnCD3.6”, or later versions of the same.
Can any other software be used with a CR 4804TE RW drive. at the time it was the best available?
What else would work with Windows 98Se and is still supported?