Padus DJ stays unregistered

i downloaded the latest DJ version from padus, installed it and put in my registration details. the app stays unregged, the empty serial box pops up again with the next program start. anyone of you has encountered the same problem ? any idea ? :o :eek:
btw, the license was bought from padus, not stolen or keygenned. (ok, so i also will contact padus tech supp)

system w2k sp4, logged in with admin rights

coaster toaster,
Start DJ and go into the help option select register Discjuggler this should indicate if DJ is registered. You can also select about
Discjuggler in the help menu this will display any information about your
registration. My copy is also fully paid for so the above suggestions should
also be the same for you.

thanks for your reply, i already have solved it. i can register DJ in the admin account, but it can’t be registered in the user account, so i have to switch to burn with DJ. anyway, thanks :slight_smile:

Hello coaster_toaster.

You are correct. DiscJuggler runs on the behalf of the current user, which can create some limitations if the current user account is a limited account. From what I can tell, you did not provide the correct serial number during the installation (which requires a privileged account) and when you went to use DiscJuggler, the process could not modify the registry with a limited user account.

Feel free to contact us at if you need anything else.