Padus Diskjuggler?


used the DVD2ONE demo/trial on a few discs (3o min.) and was THRILLED… burned them with PADUS DISKJUGGLER… and they came ourt PERFECT for the 30 minutes…

purchased the product, then went to copy something and when i dump it into DISKJUGGLER to make the DVD, it is like 1MB overtime…

was WONDERING and HOPING someone in this forum has used DISKJUGGLER to burn their DVDs because i LOVE program and would like to stick with it… any advice would be appreciated!


I dunno the burning software you use, but you should look for some setting to “overburn”. If it’s just a few MBs that will solve it.
Otherwise, you could get Chopper XP to cut any length you like from the end of the last .VOB.

Strange, this is the first time I hear of DVD2one putting out a too large project…

thanks for the QUICK reply! Sorry if i wasn’t clear…

the DVD2ONE product is PERFECT… size is good, it seems like DISCJUGGLER adds some overhead of about 1MB to the disc… was wondering if anyone knew the way around that -


Had the same problem with NEO-DVD and ULEAD Movie Factory 2. both progs “read” the DVD2one filesize of 4.3gb as 4.4gb. At first I used LICHTGESTALT’s suggestion of Chopper and it worked fine cutting out the ending credits.

But I d/l RecordNow Max and filesize is no longer an issue, just in case I use the overburn setting to be safe. Works great!!!


thanks mike - i wil try that product.


Hello capecomm.

In the future, make sure you have “Close disc” selected in the Advanced tab. If an open session remains, there is a chance that a considerable amount of extra space will be set aside for future sessions.

Hi all,

I just would like to applaud Padus & Joel for their/his prompt reaction! Although I’m not using their software (for the moment), I find their way of providing feedback/input very professional …

Maybe this can set an example for the other companies active in this area.

I’m sure they are all “watching” this forum …

Come on ahead, roxio and alikes … act as your colleague!

Going to visit the Padus-website right away!