Padus DiscJuggler v4.01.1002 has been released



I just posted the article Padus DiscJuggler v4.01.1002 has been released.

gravurecity used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of Padus DiscJuggler has been released yesterday. This version has quite a number of fixes as you can see in the changelog…

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Cool a new release :slight_smile: But as normal i can’t get onto the servers to download it :(, only 20 connection is prity bad but never mind as [here is a mirror]( software/padus DJ v4.01.1002.exe) with no user limit :g


that great new update feature for DJ still says mine is up to date even thought it is not.


Bleh, I stopped using DiscJuggler when the DC-scene died.


Been there done that about 5 days ago,I am really going to have too get my head together and start making new posts again:4 Greetz from The Diplomat:8