Padus DiscJuggler v3.50.799 is available



I just posted the article Padus DiscJuggler v3.50.799 is available….

iMAGiNE used our newssubmit to tell us:

The HTML page on still claims that version 3.00.780 is the latest DiscJuggler version, but check this link for a newer…

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hmm, I have this new version, which is better :8 DiscJuggler 3.50.797-FTU Professional Version (two languages version, japanese + english) New “Professional” Version, not Standard Vesion. ============================================================= NEW Functions CDDA(CD Digital Audio and Data Extraction) and Audio Extraction(CD --> MP3 ,WMA ,…) Fucnctions :7


this version is PQ support! Securom1&2 writing with RAW and PQ check :slight_smile:


Where can I find a good crack now that DiViDeZeRo has left us? :stuck_out_tongue:


Which version has PQ support! Securom1&2 writing with RAW and PQ check 797 or 799?


So no one wants to tell me where to find a crack, or even where to find a site that can try to take the place of DiViDeZeRo’s one, eh? And please don’t tell me cdrsoft: it’s very far from DiViDeZeRo’s one!!! :r


Look at Lash cracking site (AKA valley of the blind), man… The old netmech patch+keygen for Juggler 3.00.736 still works fine.


Thanks mate! :slight_smile: