Padus DiscJuggler 766 FU released

I just posted the article Padus DiscJuggler 766 FU released.

About a couple of minutes ago NiHonJin told us through the newssubmit that ther is a new unofficial versie of DiscJuggler available.

You can download it at the following URL:…

Read the full article here:  [](

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:frowning: HEY FREAKS!.. I don’t think you guys want to be link-stealing!!! This download links directly to a file that has been uploaded by Recording Underground ( and we certainly do NOT allow linkstealing!!! I assume this is all a mistake, so please change the content of the news item, and remove the direct link!

Had this version for a while now, 51 U no who had it weeks ago. :smiley: And yeah, link pinching is baaad!!! :4 Who’s been a nuaghty boy?

This one is not so new. It’s been releases by MFD on 2001.02.25.

Yes,I took the link from recording underground and after, it’s not as if I said I upload the file.I did exactly like everybody in cdfreaks, everyone putting news took the infos in very different web sites around the web.If you do not agree with my news, you do not agree with the power united burners. :frowning:

Yves is right, it would be more appropriate if at least his site was mentioned!!!

Allright, well, this is gonna be a short discussion then… :8 NiHonJin,- The Power of United Burners does not resemble the exchange of direct-download links in public. (in the case of CDFreaks that is). It’s more about exchanging information with ‘the masses’. And why post only ONE link that’s available on Recording Underground while there are many, many others available there? We know there are people who maintain a similar page, by using OUR download links, but that’s something we’ll discuss with them in personal. :d We are already trying to do our best keeping all the links online, but if people start link-stealing (and leeching) then there’ll be nothing left to download anymore soon! :c We from Recording Underground always try to include the original release information (such as the .NFO’s). In this case it’s the original release by Manifest Destiny… A team which is giving it’s best to bring us the greatest releases. Manifest Destiny did not put this release online for direct download. That’s something we have done, but we refer to MFD as the original suppliers, so if you want to post a link here that originally belongs to Recording Underground, then refer to Recording Underground! (page can be found on Well, that’s my part of this discussion for now. Only thing left is that I would like to say thanks to Domin8tor for his taken concern about this topic! :slight_smile:

Oh man this is funny. You are bitching at someone from stealing your link when you yourself stold the program? lol wow