Padus DiscJuggler 4.10.1140 has been released - Major update

I just posted the article Padus DiscJuggler 4.10.1140 has been released - Major update.

Padus has send us the information that they have updated their Discjuggler software to version 4.10.1140. This version is, according to Padus, a major update. Discjuggler is mainly…

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Padus has really gone downhill. This version still crashes when trying to burn LAME VBR mp3’s. I am starting to think they will never get this right. Support apparently doesn’t care. Never get a response to e-mails.

I need to apologize to Padus for the remark about support not caring. After I posted my remark, I got an e-mail from Padus saying that I was right about this issue, and that they didn’t know how the LAME mp3 problem found it’s way back in to the final release. It has been sent back to the developers to be fixed.

I only have CD-R and this is still my favorite software to use and Tech Support was very helpful with me.

Thank you for clarifying your first post. We spent a considerable amount of time going through a handful of mp3 files that will cause the same issue. It’s being worked on.