Padus DiscJuggler 4.0 Std/Pro - Anyone?

Read the review of Padus DiskJuggler 4.0 @

Looks promising.

Anyone uses it.

Pros & Cons please.

Thanx in advance.

100+ views.

No one know anything about the katest Padus Discjuggler.

I use it sometimes.

Rather than writing another review for you, I suggest that you download the trial and try it for yourself. Then you can make your own list of pros and cons according to your standards. :wink:

If you have any specific questions, I’ll try to help you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Inertia.

I’ll download it & then contact you if i have any queries.

How do you rate it against Nero & EZCD ??

I don’t rate burning programs against each other. I have my personal preferences for certain types of operations, but I encourage everyone to make up their own mind about what they like and don’t like. I also feel we should respect other’s choices if they differ from our own, and refrain from badmouthing or reviling other’s choices.

The use of software is a very subjective experience. It’s an individual decision based on your own requirements and preferences, whether you like a complex interface, etc.

Whilst I’ve never used DJ myself, it’s very highly regarded by many people. However, be warned, those who regard it highly are almost invariably very experienced users and even its fans concede that its interface is neither simple nor intuitive.


Thanks for the tip. I don’t mind if the UI is not simple.


I have never disrespected anyones opinion regarding burning software or any other matter.

I just wanted to know your personal experience with Padus DJ.

For what type of operations do you like Padus DJ?


My statement was just general information about my attitude toward software comparisons, and had nothing to do with you. :wink:

I don’t have DiscJuggler loaded for any special purpose other than to help other users. I sometimes use it to overburn or to satisfy my curiosity about how it performs a particular operation (i.e., dual burning), but mostly to help others with problems. It has more technical settings than most burning programs, and is commonly used for commercial purposes. It is also popular in some copy protection circles.

I was just trying to know your opinion. Thanks for that.

No hard feelings dude. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Searched Padus site but, couldn’t find anything.

Is SmartBurn supported by Padus DJ ???

Also read (a little) more about Discjuggler here.


I have already read that.

But, I wanted to know if SmartBURN is fully supported in it. How can I find that ???

Although there is no documentation or setting that I could find, SmartBurn appears to be enabled by default in DiscJuggler with no way to disable it. In my opinion, this is perfectly OK.

A test was run with a disc rated at 16x by the SmartBurn utility with the software speed setting at 48x. DiscJuggler took 5:03 to copy a 71:17 Mode 1 data file. A 16x CLV burn should take 4:27 for the burn. The balance of 0:36 would be required for lead in and lead out writing. This is exactly what might be expected from a 16x burn, regardless of the manual 48x setting. Disabling buffer underrun protection had no effect on the recording time, hence no effect on Smartburn.

A disc rated at 24x by SmartBurn took 3:37 to complete.

A 32x TDK (Ritek) disc rated at 48x by SmartBurn took 2:39.

The 48x manual speed setting was used for all tests, but SmartBurn was in control of all burning speeds.

Originally posted by Inertia
I don’t have DiscJuggler loaded for any special purpose other than to help other users.

Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts/time to help people here at the CDFreaks forums. :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly, Upp3rd0G. :slight_smile:

And a public thanks from me too. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, philamber. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the support from you guys. :wink:

Thanks Inertia.

That was exactly what I wanted to know.

Thanks once again. :bow: