I have a compatible burner for this program. A Ricoh MP7060A it came with the burner. Any one know how to get the compressed volume to work, it formats fine, but it won't copy over 650 megs... ie. it says 1.27 gigs free but once 650 megs of data is copied it wont let nemore on says its full....


what kind of media are you using (i.e. cdrw or cdr)? and if you’re using cdrw, do a full blank and try formatting it again. i have two supported writers, although my yamaha works A LOT better than my ricoh mp6200s…so, maybe the ricohs just don’t work too good with it. i have to admit, directcd works better than packetcd with my ricoh drive…but i need the ability to transfer files between 2 computers and i dont like to mess up all my other burning software, so i use packetcd. :slight_smile:


Trying to use a Cdr am using,
Maxell Cd-r and Memorex, Kodak, Verbatim,
haven’t had luck with nay of them. Cequadrat says that it works fine with my burner. Like I said I can copy files to it but, once it reaches 650 megs thats all i can write to it…
it says that 1.27 gigs is on the disk but, oh it’s not and I really have use for this software so help is greatly appreciated…
I’m running a windows 95 machine, the burner i had before was a hp7200i and i had the same problem… Is there a special way to write to it rather than drag and drop for the compression to work…???
Please help


There really isn’t any other way to write to the disc, except through the actual program (i.e. MS Word or something) I don’t have this problem, and I’m running Win98, and I even tried it with Windows Millennium Beta 2, and still no problems. Although, I have to use a separate disc to archive from each computer, because one doesn’t read the other…but that isn’t the same. Maybe try without compression? You won’t get as much space, but it might work then.


K I appreciate the help just one quick question do you still get 1.27 gigs if your burning compressed files? Ie. mp3z or rar’s?
Someone told me you Don’t.
Thanx for the Help please let me know…


you can store 1.3 gigs or so of any type of file that you want using compression, because it actually adjusts the density of the disc (so-to-say) so that you can cram it more.


Thanx for informing me of that. I can format it regularily and write 650 megs no prob but i need the compressed volumes to work…
Damn eh…
No other ideas my friend?? Does packet size have to be set to a certain size perhaps??
I just drag it to My burner and it should copy compressed right???


You can’t adjust the packet size, i think that is done automatically. but have you tried uninstalling it, then reinstalling it, then applying the latest patch? it just might work…the compressed volumes are nice because of the amount of data that you can write to them. btw, maybe it’s a problem with the cracked version or something? i got mine from dividezero’s site, and then the 209 patch for it.


Hmmmm… I’ll try upgrading but mine is a legal copy that came with my burner…
Just in case any other ideas…


my philips drive came with a crappy version of packetcd modified by philips and it was called write2cd…but i uninstalled that and chose packetcd instead – more features. you might wanna try that, as it says in the readme for packetcd, your recorder is still supported.

Here’s what it says, in case you don’t have this:

Supported Devices

CeQuadrat wants to support as many CD-R devices as possible.
In the future we plan to support all devices which can 
support the so called 'Incremental Packet Writing' mode.
If you encounter problems with a drive listed below please 
make sure you are using the latest firmware available for 
this drive as 'IPW' is a relatively new technology and only 
the latest firmware guarantees success in using PacketCD 
with your Recorder.

Device			Version		Status
Mitsumi CR2600		                Ok
Mitsumi CR2801		                Ok
Mitsumi CR4801		                Ok
Mitsumi CR4802		                Ok
Mitsumi CR4803		                Ok
Mitsumi CR4804		                Ok

Panasonic CW-7502	                Ok
Panasonic CW-7503	                Ok
Panasonic CW-7582	                Ok
Panasonic KXL-RW10AN			Ok (RW)
Panasonic UJDA310			Ok (RW)

Philips CDD36x0		                Ok (RW)
Philips CDD3801				Ok (RW)
Philips CDD4201				Ok (RW)

Plextor PX-R412		                Ok
Plextor PX-R820		                Ok
Plextor PX-W422		                Ok (RW)
Plextor PX-W8220	                Ok (RW)

Ricoh 6200		                Ok (RW)
Ricoh 7040		                Ok (RW)
Ricoh 7060		                Ok (RW)

Sony 924		                Ok
Sony 926		                Ok
Sony 948		                Ok

Sony 928		                Ok
Sony CRX 1xx		                Ok (RW)
Sony CRX 510				Ok

TEAC CD-R 55S		1.0G	        Ok
TEAC CD-R 56S			        Ok
TEAC CD-R 58S			        Ok
TEAC PD-1		                Ok

Yamaha CDR 400		                Ok
Yamaha CDR 200		                Ok
Yamaha CRW 4001		                Ok (RW)
Yamaha CRW 426x         		Ok (RW)
Yamaha CRW 226x				Ok (RW)
Yamaha CRW 2216				Ok (RW)
Yamaha CRW 4416				Ok (RW)

We have listed only the base devices, not OEM products. 
If you are not sure wether your recorder is an OEM version 
of the above mentioned please contact support.


Well I updated my packet Cd I updated my firmware disconnected network cards to stabilize machine, burned an mp3 disk that suppossedly had 1.27 gigs free, low and behold only only 650, yet again…
Thanx for the info and help, its appreciated. I’ve asked cequadrat numberous times for help, I have a LEGAL version yet they refuse to respond… I don’t know what to do…