Packet writing

I have a Sony digital camera that records to CD. I am looking for a packet writing software other than EZ creator that will let me read the CD in the camera without finalizing that CD. Sony does not support this.

Nero Burning Rom 6 includes InCD 4, a packet writing software. Maybe that works? Or do I misunderstand you
Here is the link


Thanks, I will try that, I know of someone with the Nero software. The biggest part of the problem is the PC does not recognize the carmera, when the CD is finialized and put in the CD ROM everything is fine.

If your PC does not recognize the camera you need a driver for it. Mostly drivers can be downloaded from the homepage of the manufacturer ( of your camera ).
What OS ( Operating System ) do you use, and what is the brand / manufacturer of your camera?


As I stated before Sony does not have a driver for this camera that is why I am looking for a packet writing program. I have contacted Sony and they said that would have to get a second party packet wrinting program to read the camera.