"Packet Writing" versus "SAO Writing" ? Which one should I use?


“Packet Writing” versus “SAO Writing” ?? Which one should I use ???

There is a setting under DVD Fab Platinum:
Settings >>> Write Type of DVD-R Media >>>
>>> CHOICE No1: “Packet Writing”
>>> CHOICE No2: “SAO Writing”

When should “Packet Writing” be used?
What are the advantages of using “Packet Writing”

When should “SAO Writing” be used?
What are the advantages of using “SAO Writing”


Use “search this thread” you will get the answer

I did the sdearch but I found nothing!!!
It just pointed back to my original thread

Can you point me to anything that you think is a good explanation?

Try this thread:


There are others in this section too. You may have to skim through the pages because sometimes search will not work if there is too much traffic on the site.

Also since you appear to be a new user, be sure to read all the stickies at beginning of the fab portion of CDFreaks. They start with “[B]Read First[/B]”


Dear Mack:

Thanks for the advice.

To be honest with you, I don’t understand why the questions I am asking are not better explained / answered in the help section of “DVD Fab Platinum”.

The way I understand things is that if a software application has “x” number of features, then the help section should explain under what circumstances the user should enable or disable these “x” features.

Thanks Again.

Dear Fengtao:

Any chance of updating the “help” section in DVD Fab Platinum consistent with my comments above ???

Thanks again to all of you for your assistance.

There is a tutorial on Gold Mode of Platinum and link posted in the Read First For help sticky. I have converted and zipped the one for Express Mode, but it is too large to attach to the forum. I will email it to anyone who PMs a request with an email address.