Packet Writing & SAOWriting

Hi everybody,

Since I have updated to latest version of DVDFAB Platinum I wonder what is “Packet Writing” and “SAO Writing”. What’s the difference and which one is better? Can anybody tell me?


I’ve been trying to find this out as well, and I can’t get an answer.

Which is better for DVD-R?
Which is better for DVD+R?

@ csuch

I added a link that bumped it up to top and explained Packet writing better


This has no fit all answer, but the first thing to take in consideration is which format is supported by the equipment you have or plan to use:

DVD-R is compatible with more players and older burners, but some programs and or burner allow bit setting on DVD+R discs. This makes the burned DVD to appear as a DVD-ROM to players which is the oldest format meaning DVD read only media. The first thing to do is read your manuals to see what formats are supported, but remember formats can be added with firmware update so use Google or another search engine to find info and updates of your burner on the web. Also this link contains a ton of info: