Packet Writing For Win2000



For a while now I’ve been trying to find a descent packet writing proggy for win2K.
I’m so deep into it now it has become a little research project.

  1. Adaptec/roxio DirectCD 5.xx (w* - No good (Don’t like Adaptec/Roxio)

  2. Nero Ahead IncD 2.xx (w* No good. though an excellent prog, it is sometimes very buggy more so on Win2K, plus of all the burning prog’s in existence it is the least compatable with (surprise surprise) Nero itself 5.5.x

  3. CeQuadrat PacketCD - my prog of choise for Win98. doesn’t work on Win2K.

  4. NTI FileCD 1.7.2 (w* - works just fine with win2K. but it is a little strange for me (How the hell do you drag or copy back from the cdrw to the 'puters hard drive?) plus you can not run/execute a file thats on the cd like you can with other similar prog’s (for example run an exe file thats on the cdrw)

  5. SimpliCD 1.0 (w* - This prog is so new only version 1.0 is out, plus there is no downloadable demo available yet. from tests and reviews it seems very promissing

  6. RSJ CD Writer 2.12 for Windows 2000 (w*
    In a way it is the ultimate packet writing program. why? because it performs just like packet writing only it is not really packet writing (UDF) it is more like regular writing meaning it should be readable on any regular cd reader, and on a CD-RW it performs like the ultimate Packet writing program.
    The demo is fully functional for 30 days and the proggy works fantastic. if it wasn’t so expensive (Over $110 USD) I would have purchased it already. (OK I admit, so far I couldn’t find a crack for it :))



I realize this is a bit late but I thought that I would try to explain that the FileCD window is used mainly to write data to the CD-RW disc. Files can be dropped onto the window and FileCD will write them to the CD-RW media. Version 2.0 allows you to create CD-RWs using either the ISO 9660 or UDF file systems.

One thing I would like to point out is that FileCD is not integrated deep in the Windows O/S. That has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, it is not likely to crash your system with each new release or update of Windows. The thing you give up is true drive letter access. That means that you will not be able to save your Word document directly to a FileCD disc from the Save/Save As option on Word’s File Menu. Also you cannot drag-n-drop files from one drive onto the CD-RW icon within Windows Explorer. You can use the “Send To” function to copy a file onto a FileCD disc but other than that, you need to drop any file you wish to write on the FileCD program window.

All reading is done through Windows explorer since it can read directly from the disc once data has been written there. You can execute a program or drag-n-drop any file written to a FileCD disc directly from Windows explorer just like any other HDD or Floppy drive on your system.

I hope this helps a bit.


Thanks wmtanner for your reply,
better late then never :slight_smile:

I understand your points and agree with some, however here is my updated point of view:

  1. NTI FileCD version 2 is actually very very very similar to 1.7.2 (functionality and UI)
    I am sure it has some more options and is more stable (I admit it is stable).

  2. I purchased RSJ’s CD Writer 2.xx for Windows 2000 which is fully integrated in the Windows environment and is a point and one click simple burn program for newbies or people who like it very simple. but it turns out it is not a Packet Writing solution.

  3. I purchased WriteCD-RW 1.0.2 from SoftArch (w* sorry to say it was a nightmare, even there tech support didn’t help at all and all this is on a freshly installed Win2K SP-2.
    they came out with a new version, version 3 (what heppened to version 2?) which supports XP and might be great. it’s too bad since these guys seemed so promissing.

  4. installed SimpliCD 1.0 (Win2K ok but not for XP, version 1.3 is XP compatible). appears to be very good (even though there GUI seems almost identical to WriteCD-RW from SoftArch.
    a coincidence? who knows! hmm)

  5. I do not have WinXP installed, however I understand from those that do that there is a build in CDRW recorder proggy and Packet Writing (developed by… you guessed it; Adaptec/Roxio) which is said to be actually pretty good.