Packet Writing Crap

Since there are many reports about InCD destroying disc (which is normal), I suggest to make a FAQ about packet writing crap. Would this make sense?

Please, that would be appreciated.

Also, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of various
packet-writing programs.

yeah lets help eachother with those shitty programs

very are no real advantages…this is the problem

I have been using direct CD for years
No problems ,no lost Data, no lost CDRW DISC

You use direct CD. Is that Easy cd creator platinum by Adaptec? or is this a diferent program. Please explain.

Yes it is
I do not know why all these people have so many problems with
packet writeing

Easy CD creator 5 With direct CD With all the patches.

I use it in windows XP. Before that I used it in win 98
I have know problems with packet writing software

:o i did use direct cd for several years and only had a problem when i started to use other (besides adaptec) software. i think that adaptec’s software was bothered/changed by these progs. :confused: nero and others, i never bothered to chase it down, as i found i didn’t need packet writing as much as i thought i did:bigsmile: maybe my aspi layer, maybe something else. but i was so put out about it that i found ways to do what i wanted without that sort of program. works much better now :cool: