Packet writing CD-RW



I successfully burnt my first CD-RW yesterday and everything went well using ahead’s InCD 2.24. I just went out and bought the Ricoh MP7125A. Nice.

Couple of questions though…

  1. Can a CD-R read files written in UDF format (assuming that the appropriate reader has been installed on the PC)?

  2. Does a CD-RW only have to be formatted once, and then simply erased using Nero whenever files are not needed on the CD?

  3. Is Nero’s erase function the same as simply dragging the files to the trash bin (ie. deleting the files on the cd)?

Thanks guys.

  1. yes, but you need a multiread cdrom drive for this

  2. yep

  3. dunno, I don’t use Nero

  1. No. Nero’s erase function completely erases the CD-RW so that the CD-RW has to be formatted again. After erasing you can also use it as a CD-R.