Packet/sao writing?

What is the difference between packet and sao writing
ex:quality,time etc…
Thank You Maxfour

Packet writing refers to writing to a disc formated using UDF file system and a software like InCD that adds to/removes files from the disc like if you were wiriting a large floppy - and this using RW discs.
SAO refers to session at once (as opposed to disc at once) and can be used to create multissession CDs - you write groups of files to the disc using burning software like Nero Burning Rom as a session.
Quality wise - avoid multissession option in CD and keep away in DVD.
Packet writing software uses to conflict with ther applications,
and shows some compatibility problems,
including among version of the same software
(for instance reading files created by InCD version 3.x
using version 4.x).